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Becoming An Optical Express Winner: Annette’s Story (Part 1)


I have been wearing glasses on a daily basis since I was 7 years old and have always hoped to one day be able to afford laser eye surgery. As a student, I go out a lot and wearing glasses can be a real hassle and whilst I have had contact lenses for the last few years, not having to put them in and take them out every day would be great. However, being a student I never dreamed I would actually be able to afford it.

I entered the completion to win free laser eye surgery on Facebook, it was literally just a case of entering my name and email address. I completely forgot all about it so you can imagine my surprise when I was called and told I had won!

Part of me thought that it all sounded too good to be true, I never win anything! It wasn’t until I went for my consultation in Newcastle a week later and was told that I was suitable and would be receiving the treatment for free that it really hit me.

My surgery is tomorrow and I am very excited, although it still hasn’t sunk in that from tomorrow I will no longer have to wear glasses all the time. I imagine I will keep going to put my glasses on every morning when I wake up. The staff at Optical Express have talked me through the procedure and reassured me that the LASIK treatment I am receiving has a very fast recovery time. I am very excited to start my glasses free life!


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