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Becoming an Optical Express Winner: Hal Shinnie


I was absolutely amazed when I got the call saying that I had won free surgery. I had been thinking about getting it done for a couple of years, but never actually got around to doing anything about it, so when I saw the chance to enter the competition I absent mindedly entered, thinking I’d never hear any more from it. However a couple of weeks later I’d had a consultation and was on the road to better vision.

Winning Laser Eye Surgery - Hal Shinnie

My eye sight isn’t particularly bad, just a bit short sighted, but it is soft enough to warrant wearing glasses. When I’m driving or watching television my specs don’t really bother me, but it is when I am doing something more active like cycling, fishing or hiking in the rain or indeed when I am at work as a photographer that they really start to annoy me. Getting steamed up and smeary rain across the lenses drives me around the bend and it is almost more off a hinderance to be wearing them.

I am so looking forward to being able to see clearly without the drag of smeary, steamed up, scratched glasses on my face. I think I will particularly notice it when I am working. As a photographer I often find that during a shoot when there is a lot going that I need to think about and I’m lunging around, camera in hand trying to get  find the right angle and get the most out of the subject, I get quite hot and my lenses steam up – making me flustered and making me look like a gibbering fool. I very much look forward to appearing as a cool as a cucumber during shoots…

I am slightly apprehensive about the surgery itself, not surprisingly, as the thought of having your eyeballs burnt with a laser is pretty unnerving . However, I’ve heard such good things about how quick the recovery time is and the pretty much instant effects that despite the initial fear, I’m really looking forward to it.

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