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Winning Laser Eye Surgery: Charlotte’s Story


It was on a Friday afternoon after a terrible week that I got the call to say I had won laser eye surgery with Optical Express. I was over the moon and pretty shocked as I’m not that lucky usually and had been plucking up the courage for years to go for it!

My consultation in Tunbridge Wells went really well and everyone was so kind and reassuring.

I wondered if, as my treatment was free I would get given the basic treatment, but I was prescribed Lasik with Wavefront for which I’m very grateful and excited!  I had been quite nervous but Ugo, the Specialist Refractive Optometrist was brilliant, answering all my questions and I left feeling reassured.

I’m 39 and have been wearing glasses since I was about 12, and always hated the fuss that goes along with glasses and lenses - losing or breaking my glasses, having to put lenses in before I can wear sunglasses, always running out of lenses etc.

I wear my daily disposable lenses a lot because I find wearing my glasses a bit claustrophobic as I’m often aware of them.  I’m really  looking forward to being able to wake up in the morning and see the view from my bedroom window straightaway, swimming with my children without worrying about wearing goggles, and as a photographer, being able to grab my camera at any moment without my glasses getting in the way or having to put lenses in before every session!

My surgery is a week away at the Bluewater store and I can’t wait.

I’ll update you on the next part of my journey soon.


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