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Winning Laser Eye Surgery: Hal Shinnie’s Story


After the initial trauma of the surgery, which was very quick, but terrifying nonetheless, I soon began to enjoy the instant change to my eyesight.

Despite thinking I was pretty well prepared for the surgery and that I would just breathe deeply and keep calm, when suction was applied to my eyeball through a plastic cup, making my eyesight fade to black my heart rate began to race.

The next stages did nothing to help the slight feeling of panic – the surgeon lifting open the flap on my eye ball with a pointy tool – the feeling of the laser hitting my eyeball and the smell of burning eye. I suddenly became aware that my heart was in my throat and that I had a cold sweat on. Thankfully the whole procedure was quick and painless.


Needless to say, the surgeon and nurses were very calm and professional and talked to me during the procedure, explaining exactly what it was they were doing and how long it would take.

Before I knew it I was sitting in the recovery room with my eyes closed, when I did have to open them to receive instructions for my eyedrops or actually leave the building, I could instantly see the difference in sharpness through even through the teary blur.

The following morning was amazing I could see all the way down the street from my bedroom window, even sharper than when I wore my glasses. The blurry close-up vision was somewhat unnerving, but I was assured that this was due to muscle tenseness and that it would soon return to normal as would the starbursts and halos around lights at night.

After a week my eyesight was pretty much perfect and now, one month on, it is perfect. Or better than perfect, in fact – 20:10!

It is so good not having my glasses getting steamed up when I’m lunging around taking pictures, it’s one less thing to have to think about on a stressful shoot.
But, I think the time when I really appreciate it most is when I’m out on my bike and it starts to rain, I no longer have to deal with rain streaked glasses obscuring my vision when speeding around corners, dodging pot holes on wet, hilly roads. I feel so much safer.


From the effects I have seen so far I would certainly recommend Lasik eye surgery to family and friends. I think you have to be pretty brave to go through the surgery as it isn’t exactly pleasant, but the rewards are well worth it.

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