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Changes To Your ‘Refer A Friend’ Rewards


Our Refer a Friend rewards have changed – and we thought we would take this opportunity to explain to you what has changed and why.

If you don’t know what ‘Refer a Friend’ is or you’re not sure how it works, it really is quite simple – refer a friend or family member to Optical Express for laser eye surgery and we will reward you.

Our patients were repeatedly telling us that they loved the results of their own laser eye surgery so much that they couldn’t wait to tell their friends all about their experience. Naturally, this led to their family and friends coming to Optical Express to have laser eye surgery simply on the basis of those recommendations.

We received lots of enquiries from our patients asking if we could reward them or their friends who were coming in for a consultation and booking surgery. In response, we launched the ‘Ambassador Referral Scheme’ in November 2009 which was recently re-launched as ‘Refer a Friend’.

As a company which prides itself on world class customer service, we are constantly listening to feedback from our customers and patients, acting upon it where we can.

Following the re-launch, some concerns were raised from patients who were taking advantage of the Refer a Friend programme which we felt needed to be addressed;

  1. New patients felt that it was unfair that they were constrained to choosing between their Refer a Friend discount voucher and choosing another promotional discount which often offered them a better price. They felt that this put them in the awkward position of having to choose between an offer which was perhaps better for them as an individual, but meant that the friend who referred them would get a reduced reward.
  2. Existing patients felt that they were compelled to give the whole Refer a Friend reward as a discount to the friend they were referring which meant that they didn’t receive any reward themselves.

We are listening, and we recently introduced some changes to the rewards that we believe will make the Refer a Friend programme more rewarding for both you and your friends.

The biggest change is that there is no longer an option to give friends a fixed Refer a Friend discount, which means that they are now free to take advantage of any other promotional offer that is available to them when they attend their consultation, without the risk of upsetting the friend who referred them. We believe that this means new patients will actually pay less for their surgery than they would have under the previous Refer a Friend reward programme.

Secondly, we agree that you shouldn’t have to make the awkward decision of choosing to give the whole Refer a Friend reward to your friends and earn nothing for yourself. That’s why we are now rewarding our existing patients with a £100 reward for every person that they recommend who then has treatment with Optical Express, regardless of any other discount that their friend receives.

We believe the changes now make our Refer a Friend programme simpler than ever. All you have to do is refer your friends and once they have completed their treatment, we will send you a reward cheque to the value of £100 for each friend. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can recommend and no longer a need to decide whether to split the reward or give your friend the whole reward – everyone wins!

We hope that this goes some way to explaining why we have changed our Refer a Friend reward. As ever, we are listening to you and if you have any thoughts or suggestions on how we can improve our Refer a Friend programme then please send them to

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