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Our Communication Policy Explained


On occasion, we receive enquiries from people who have received communication from us by way of letter, an email, SMS or even a phone call who are unsure why we are contacting them. We thought it would be helpful to explain why we might be trying to contact you, why we have your details and how you can opt-out of such communications.

As the UK’s leading eye care provider, we are fully committed to ensuring we perform to the highest standards in everything that we do. We only ever contact you for one of two reasons: you have either explicitly told us that you are interested in one of our products or treatments, or we have sent you a communication via a third party data-provider that you have opted-in to receive information and offers from trusted organisations such as Optical Express.


Internal Communication

Optical Express collate our internal communications list from a number of sources. The most common is directly from our own patients. If you have had an eye test with us, bought glasses or contact lenses or even attended a laser eye surgery consultation then you will be added to our customer database and may receive communications, unless you have asked not to be contacted. We may also collect data from our marketing campaigns where an individual has contacted us directly with their details such as in response to a television advert or by entering details on an enquiry form requesting further information from us.

We have a number of checks in place to ensure that any individual who does not wish to receive marketing communications from us can ‘opt-out’ of future communications. Every email and SMS message has an ‘opt-out’ statement which will unsubscribe you from any further communication from us. If you are called but do not wish to receive any further calls, simply tell the operator that you do not wish to be contacted in future or, alternatively, you can email our Customer Care department at who will process your request.

We do not share our customer database with any other party. As is stated in our Terms and Conditions, we may share your information with other businesses in the Optical Express Group, such as The Dental Clinic or The Cosmetic Clinic.

Please also be aware that even if you are unsubscribed from our internal communications list, you may still receive communication from an external marketing partner.


External Marketing Communications

We also work with carefully selected third party data-providers. We will only enter into a commercial agreement with a partner data-provider if they satisfy us that the data has been obtained in compliance with legal requirements such as the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (“PECR”), and that they can prove that the individuals listed within the database have explicitly consented to receiving promotional material from third parties, such as Optical Express.

We take this responsibility seriously and investigate prospective data-providers for any obvious history of data misuse. Where we are or become aware that a prospective data-provider has a history of data misuse, we do not use the data-provider.

If you find that you are receiving unwarranted communications, we cannot unsubscribe you directly from such marketing databases as we are not the data owner and do not have access to the data itself. However, on request, we can provide you with details of the data-provider that holds your data. On occasion, we can contact the data-provider and request your removal but the data provider is not legally bound to unsubscribe you on our request. We can unsubscribe you from further communication from Optical Express internal database and the mailing list that you have requested removal from, although please be aware that your data may be on further marketing databases and you may need to unsubscribe from these databases individually.


No future communication requests

If we have contacted you and you do not wish to receive any further communication from us, you can:

Email: Click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link which we include at the bottom of every email we send. Please note that if you are subscribed to numerous lists, you may need to unsubscribe to each email that you receive.

SMS: We always include an opt-out message at the end of the SMS. Simply reply with the word ‘STOP’.

If you do not wish to click on the link or reply to the SMS message, you can send an email to our Customer Care team at and they will be able to process your removal request. Please include your name and any email addresses or telephone numbers which we may have. Please give us up to 5 working days for us to process your removal.

Where we have communicated to you via a third party data-provider, we will be able to provide you with details of the provider and their contact details. You can then contact the provider directly and they will be in a position to inform you where they received your consent and remove you from their database, if you require it. Optical Express is unable to provide these details – only the third party supplier has access to your information.


Third Party Databases

If you are on a data-provider’s database, there is an increased likelihood that more data-providers will also have your details. When you give your details to some businesses, they will often ask whether you are happy to share your information with their networks. Some of these will ask you to ‘opt-in’ to sharing your information, whilst some will ask you to ‘opt-out’. Always read these statements carefully and be aware that if you do allow them to share your details, then you may be contacted by other businesses in their network.

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