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5 Tips For Healthy Eyes


Eye strain, high pollen count, infections and computer screens are factors we battle on a daily basis as we try to keep our eyes healthy and our vision clear.

Mary-Frances Kearney of Optical Express in Kensington High Street offers her tips for the best ways to look after your eyes this summer.

  1. Have your eyes checked out as regularly as recommended by your optometrist (usually every two years). Optometrists can diagnose not just problems with sight, but major health issues too so it’s important to have a regular, comprehensive eye examination.
  2. Never use old make-up on your eyes, share eye make-up or use old wands in new products as these increase the risk of infection. We have had many patients suffering with eye infections from applying out-of-date eyeliner and make-up, so give your make-up bag an overhaul and throw out old mascara and eye liner after six months.
  3. Try to take a break from staring at your computer screen: it is important to give your eyes a break to prevent headaches, blurry vision and dry eye. Also, try to keep your monitor dust and fingerprint free as both can reduce clarity and cause eye strain.
  4. If you have something in your eye, don’t rub it. The best thing to do is lift the upper eyelid outward and gently pull it down to cover the lower lashes causing tears to wash the object out of your eye. Contact lens wearers should take them out and clean them thoroughly
  5. Sunglasses help keep your eyes healthy by protecting them from UV rays – not to mention being a must-have fashion accessory. This season Optical Express has seen an upsurge in popularity of designer eyewear ranges from ChanelPolice and Prada. Ray Bans are also making a comeback.

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