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And The Award Goes To


As the 83rd Annual Academy Awards delivered its verdict in security tight little golden envelopes on who was deemed worthy of this year’s golden statues for their onscreen contribution, the fashionistas opened their rather more public debate on who wowed on this year’s red carpet.

While Halle Berry gets ourvote for outstanding dressage performance by a leading lady, it was the men who led the way in the eyewear stakes.

Best Supporting Actor nominee Jeffrey Rush was the most prominent movie star to don glasses in his now trademark round, tortoiseshell frames that lend themselves to his distinguished persona. The ever impressionable Tom Hanks delivered another outstanding performance as he fulfilled his presenting role, however he did present some continuity confusion as he wore, then removed, his on trend black acrylic geek glasses in rapid succession. Blink and you would have missed them.

Wally Peister picked up our award for best use of eyewear as a fashion accessory when he took to the stage to collect his best cinematography Oscar for his work on Inception, by sporting them on his forehead.

Billed as appealing to a younger, hipper demographic this year’s Oscar’s saw a distinct lack of celebrities under the age of 40 wearing glasses. With the younger generation’s favourite, the usually reliable Johnny Depp renowned for his hip eyewear, noticeably absent on the red carpet and the equally hip Robert Downey Jnr opting to keep his glasses off until the governor’s ball, eyewear was definitely not in vogue this year.

Given the results of our YouGov survey that showed 10% more women preferred men in glasses than men did women, it is not surprisingly that female celebrities once again shied away from eyewear. Indeed, with the exception of quirky couple Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, even the Hollywood staple sunglasses were scarce.

With the obvious trend leaning towards being glasses free, it is no wonder that many celebrities are now opting for laser eye surgery for a life free of glasses and contact lenses with leading movie stars Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Juliana Moore and the bubbly Reese Witherspoon just a few that have had the treatment.

But for those of us who remain comfortable with our glasses, luckily we can always rely on the effervescent Elton John who was a spectacle to behold in his flamboyant pink glasses at his ever popular after show party.

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