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Be Inspired By The Spec-tacular Glasses-wearers Of Years Gone By


The right pair of glasses, on a famous face, can become iconic of the wearer. When you think of John Lennon, a pair of circular, blue-lensed specs and long hair spring to mind. What about Buddy Holly? Thick-rimmed black glasses accompanied by a geek chic blazer. Harry Potter? Broken circular frames below a lightning-shaped scar. The glasses-wearers of years gone by can inspire you as to how you can make specs synonymous with your own style, and with this in mind, here are some of our favourite celeb glasses-lovers.

Buddy Holly

The reason Buddy Holly, remembered for his black, thick-framed glasses, tops the list is simple – he made specs cool. This rock n roller dressed like your standard 1950s high-school ‘nerd,’ all blazers and thick glasses. However, far from letting this hinder his success, with his brilliant musical talent, unstoppable charisma and inner style he made this ‘nerd’ look cool and soon everyone was donning specs to look just like him. Despite that he tragically died in a plane crash at the mere age of 22 after just a year of fame, he is revered as one of the pioneers of rock n roll, and his wayfarer style of glasses is still hot today.

Get the look: Thick black-rimmed glasses are just as popular today as they ever were, and are great for a casual dressed-down look. Team them with jeans and a t-shirt for a youthful, laidback vibe, or pair them with your office wardrobe for a grown-up, sophisticated look. Some celebs, like actress Anne Hathaway, have even taken to wearing them on the red carpet to give their look a bit of edge.

John Lennon

John Lennon is possibly the most famous glasses-wearer of all time. The much-revered Beatle was a pioneer of the hippie era and wore glasses to match. During his Beatles days, Lennon generally appeared quite clean cut, but after the band split, he grew his hair long and donned the circular frames he is famous for.

Get the look: Circular frames have made quite the comeback of late, with stars including Beyonce and Fearne Cotton rocking this edgy look.

Elton John

Elton John: genius songwriter, talented piano player and snappy dresser. Elton is known for his outlandish outfits, which often feature bright, garish colours, and are accessorised by eccentric glasses. Elton has donned many eye-catching items of eyewear over the years, with the star-shaped glasses and wide-framed glittery frames being two of his most famous looks. The Philadelphia Freedom singer never conforms to what others would consider acceptable, and has donned specs featuring palm trees, devil horns and a floral arrangement in the past.

Get the look: While Elton has toned down his look a bit now that he’s a dad, if you’re brave enough, why not channel Elton with some out-there specs? There are plenty of frames you can pick from if you want something to make you stand out from the crowd.

Harry Potter

Everyone’s favourite boy wizard, Harry Potter is known for his lightning-shaped scar, his trusty owl Hedwig and his broken glasses. As kids worldwide fell in love with Harry, they also fell for his quintessentially British look – which is easily achievable with a bit of knitwear, indie sensibilities and a pair of specs.

Get the look: When JK Rowling first sat down to write the Harry Potter series, no doubt by giving Harry broken circular glasses she was opting for a look that was more geek than chic. However, these days, round frames are magic, adding sparkle to an outfit in an instant. They can be used to dress down a posh outfit, or add a bit of edge to an everyday ensemble.

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