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Choosing Eye Makeup


With the right colours, eye makeup can accentuate your eyes and complement your natural colouring. While there are no hard and set rules, it is helpful to stick to a few loose guidelines when choosing shades.

Blue eyes:
First and foremost, avoid blue shadow. Instead, try earth tones such as taupe, grey and warm brown – they will make your eyes pop. Smoky eyes can be a great look for night time. Stick with brown mascara for day or a brownish black at night.

Green or hazel eyes:
Purple shades – either soft violets or deep purples – provide a great contrast to green eyes, while warm brown shades are perfect for a natural look. Mascara-wise, you should opt for a soft black or brownish black colour.

Brown eyes:
With brown eyes, you’re free to experiment with more colours than your blue and green-eyed friends. That being said, copper, bronze, champagne, pink, beige, and apricot are all great options. Soft black or brownish black mascara is your best bet.

All eyes:
Neutral palettes are a safe bet regardless of your eye colour, but always feel free to experiment with colours, particularly if you’re young! In addition to your eyes, remember to keep your skin tone, hair colour, and clothing in mind when you are picking out shadow and liner.

Try to match your skin tone – women with fair complexions should avoid dark-coloured shadows, while dark-skinned women should stay away from white or light colours. Shadow should not be matched with clothing, but at the same time should not be heavily contrasting – as to keep attention on the eyes, not the shadow.

In addition, the newest eye accessory is coloured contact lenses – a fun way to change up your look regardless of whether or not you have a prescription!


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