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Eye Test: A Window Into Your Personal Health


It’s a common misconception that eye tests only help detect problems with your vision and ensure your prescription is up-to-date. They do that of course – but they can also identify any health problems you may be unaware of. This is why eye tests should form a regular part of your health care regime.

simple eye test can detect early signs of eye disease – including glaucoma and cataracts – as well as identify health-related conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

As you grow older, your sight may begin to deteriorate or sometimes even the shape of your eye ball may cause difficulties to your vision. The point is; your eyes are as individual as you are, so can be affected in a variety of different ways.

As one of the UK’s largest eye care provider, we continuously invest in the latest, most advanced technology to ensure that nothing goes undetected when you visit us.

Our world class team of optometrists and corneal specialists will advise you how often your eyes should be tested – which, depending on your individual needs, will more than likely be once every two years.

You look through them – so together we’ll look after them.

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