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Festival Fever


As music lovers all over the country head to open fields, leaving their inhibitions at home and transcending into the hedonistic world of beats and beer, you know the great British music festival season is underway.

One of the best things about summer is the plethora of music festivals that pop up around the country providing a platform (or five) to see all your favourite bands… and a fair few new ones, all in one place.

While we keep our fingers crossed for a weekend of sunshine, the iconic Glastonbury mud slide images and an influx of welly boots on the high street are a timely reminder that the Great British weather may have other ideas. While the threat of a wet weekend doesn’t dampen spirits, indeed for some it’s an essential part of the ultimate festival experience, a downpour can bring additional health issues for those happy campers, especially those with poor eyesight.

It is easy to lose yourself in euphoric crowds of fun loving festival revellers, but spending a lengthy time in a field with thousands of people can also bring less than sanitary conditions. Festival toilets are the bane of every music fan’s life, campsite portaloos are notoriously dirty, smelly, unhygienic and an all round unpleasant necessity.

While most can survive festival facilities with a bunch of wet wipes, a personal supply of toilet roll and close pegs, for those that wear contact lenses the increased exposure to bacteria is a little bit more perilous. Taking precautions when putting our contact lenses in, taking them out and, for those that wear reusable lenses, cleaning and storing them helps to prevent the risk of infection is easy to adhere to in the comfort of your own home, but less so in a muddy field.

To ensure your lack of perfect sight doesn’t mean a less than perfect time, you should compensate for the lack of home comforts with your own festival necessities. Whatever type of lenses you wear, take a supply of bottled water to wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses as you might not have access to a sink and pack some paper towels to dry them as there will be no laundromat to keep your towel clean! Avoid hand sanitisers due to the alcohol content.

If you wear reusable lenses, pack extra cleaning and storing solutions than you think you will need as there will be no amenities close by the festival site to replenish them if you run out. You may even wish to switch to disposable lenses or continuous wear lenses for less hassle, especially if you plan to over indulge your alcohol content.

Whichever lens you prefer you may need to pack a mirror if you are not one of the lucky ones that can manage to put your lenses in without seeing what you are doing…and a torch to compensate for the lack of electricity!

Of course, you could just wear your glasses!

The latest geek glasses trend fits in perfectly to funky festival fashion, the ideal accompaniment alongside hippy headbands, denim shorts, fringed t-shirts and patterned welly boots as festival stalwarts Pixie Lott, Fearne Cotton and Alexa Chung have demonstrated this year.

Festivals can be the epitome of summer fun but they can also be gruelling, especially the long-weekend camping ones. In the words of those accomplished camping professionals (the Boy Scouts) ‘be prepared’…and rock out!

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