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How To Change Your Look With Glasses


It’s no secret that makeover shows love contact lenses. Give them a frizzy-haired, make-up-fearing, baggy-clothes-sporting spectacle wearer, and you can bet that her makeover will include contact lenses. Or laser eye surgery, if we’re talking more “Extreme Makeover”.

While contacts and laser eye surgery are both great options, the fact of the matter is that they aren’t for everyone. Wearing glasses, however, isn’t as restricting – particularly in the makeover realm – as one might originally assume. Switching up your glasses can dramatically change your look and boost your confidence.

We highlight the basics of choosing frames based on your face shape in ‘How to Choose Glasses’, but there is no reason to restrict yourself to the first frame shape you find flattering – using your face shape should just be a constructive starting point.

Just as it isn’t uncommon to go to the hairdresser with a photograph of the celebrity whose hairstyle you want to emulate, it can be useful to look to celebrities for style inspiration. Even celebrities who we don’t normally associate with signature frames are often caught off-screen by paparazzi sporting spectacles. Next time you’re flipping through your favourite weekly magazine for celebrity gossip, pay attention! Wearing John Lennon’s frames can be a more subtle and clever tribute than plastering his face on your t-shirt.

The diversity of frame styles available today is phenomenal. Whether you want to channel the 1950′s with a truly retro look or are looking for the epitome of modern design, there are frames available. Moving from a subtle, rimless frame to a chunky, plastic, tortoise-shell look will draw as much attention and change your look as effectively as a dramatic hair cut and dye will do. The added benefit is that you can switch back and forth between looks whenever you want – an infinitely easier task than alternating between blonde and brunette from day to night.

Frames with a shot of colour – be it a bold red or a sunny yellow – can be as distinctive of accessories as statement pumps, ties or purses, whereas more classic neutrals can draw attention to other parts of your outfit, or lend an air of authority. Whether you want a conversation piece, or to look more like the academic that you aspire to be, it can be accomplished with frames.

Don’t automatically think of glasses as something to be disposed of in the search for your next great makeover – look to glasses as yet another accessory that can be manipulated in the search for a new look! And, if you’re among the fortunate glasses-free segment of the population, think sunglasses. From Jackie O’s black frames to Maverick’s aviators, shades can make just as much of a statement as spectacles can.

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