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Irish Charm


It seems the whole world has a little bit of Irish in their heart as we prepare for one of the most anticipated and celebrated saints day of the year in a sea of green, white and gold.

St. Patrick’s Day is acknowledged in cities throughout the world through hosting legendary parades, music and song festivals…some even dye their rivers or streams green in tribute! Birmingham claims host to the third largest parade in the world after Dublin and New York, and preparations are almost finished for this year’s shenanigans of Irish dancing, music and traditional entertainment, culminating with their showcase St Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday 13th March.

Ireland is a country steeped in rich culture and traditions and for such a relatively small nation to make such a mark around the world is testament to their renowned warmth, unrivalled hospitality and steely determination.

This Irish passion resonates around the sporting arena as the continual support for traditional Gaelic football illustrates. Competition amongst local teams is as hotly contested as any more visible sporting rivalry.

Local Kildare GAA sporting hero Ronan Sweeney continually looks for ways to outsmart his rivals and is part of a growing trend among sporting legends to improve – both naturally and safely – their performance with technology and sporting innovations such as laser eye surgery. Amateurs and professionals alike are now set to be part of a fast developing sporting trend to enhance or restore natural visual acuity with laser eye surgery.

After his treatment, Ronan said, ‘My main motivation to get the procedure done was to try and improve my performance on the GAA pitch, it was a major success! I can now see and read the play developing from a distance whereas before the surgery I wasn’t able to. I’m now a far more confident player.’

Hopefully the luck of the Irish will ensure Ronan hits a winning streak in the GAA Football Championship 2011.

In the meantime…look out for St Patrick’s Day fun near you, and remember to sneak a pinch of everyone not wearing green that passes you by, they need to watch out for those mischievous leprechauns!

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