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All Hallows Eve is upon us again and, if the finishing touches to your spooky look this year include decorative contact lenses, then you should read our advice relating to the dangers of wearing cosmetic lenses…it might just save your sight!

Coloured contact lenses are gaining in popularity by the hoards of party goers who dress up at this time of year. Available in an array of colours, shapes and styles –they can even make your iris disappear altogether! But purchasing your party lenses from the wrong place could lead to you causing serious damage to your eyes.

Cosmetic contact lenses are illegal without a prescription in the USA however; a legal loophole in the UK allows these lenses to be sold anywhere – across the counter and online. As they have zero power and do not correct a prescription, they can be sold without the advice or fitting from a qualified optician. Lenses such as these typically have a poor fit, are not sized properly and can cause corneal scratching as well as impaired vision.

Worse still, the laxity in the supervision of the sale of contact lenses and easy-going nature of those wearing them ultimately leads to a rise in serious eye infections as the wearers have not been taught to insert and remove the lenses nor been given adequate cleaning and maintenance instructions.

To avoid the horror story of a serious eye infection, take our advice. The only way to safely purchase cosmetic lenses is to visit your local optician, arrange a contact lens fitting with a qualified optometrist and if the lenses are worn frequently, attend regular check up appointments.

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