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Make-up: Before And After Laser Eye Surgery


Make-up is a vital part of the getting-ready routine of most women, whether you’re a high-maintenance girl, or just apply a bit of tinted moisturiser to get ready for the day – everyone has their own preferences. That said, if you wear glasses or contact lenses you can sometimes be limited in the type and amount of make-up you can get away with. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun experimenting with make-up.

Here’s our guide to looking your best, whether you’re a glasses wearer, prefer the more natural look of contact lenses, or have undergone laser eye surgery for perfect vision.

Glasses wearers

Women who wear glasses will already be more than aware of some of the challenges of wearing make-up, from the build up on the specs meaning they require regular cleaning, to ensuring you’re not too heavy handed with the old eyeliner.

If you love your eyes there is no reason you can’t use makeup to highlight your best features as a glasses-wearer. However, there are a few tips that people will be wise to follow.

1. Keep it simple! If you’re applying layer upon layer of eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara, odds are that, when your glasses go on top, the eye area is going to look a little bit too busy. Try a thin line of eye-liner, a lashing of mascara and a nude/brown colour eye shadow for a simple and sophisticated look. For a more smoky look, swap your eye liner for smudged kohl, but don’t go overboard or you could end up with that ‘panda eyes’ look.

2. Avoid shimmery or glittery eye shadow. If you’re feeling a bit festive, there’s no reason you can’t experiment with different eye shadow colours (just make sure they don’t clash with your frames). However, if you’re stood in front of the mirror, make-up brush at the ready to apply that experimental shimmery eye shadow you’ve been thinking about for a while, the best thing you can do is walk away. Glittery or shimmery eye shadow really is a no-go when it comes to glasses-wearers, as specs amplify and reflect everything on your eyes. But remember, this doesn’t mean you can’t include some sparkle elsewhere on your outfit, and, if you really want to try this sort of make-up look then stick in the contacts for an evening.

3. Curl is king. Avoid unattractive mascara smudges on your glasses lenses by simply curling your eyelashes – which will also add some fabulous extra drama to your look.

4. Beautiful brows. The shape and definition of eyebrows can really change your face, and will tidy-up the look of glasses-wearers. Thick but sculpted eyebrows are a popular option at the moment, so why not treat yourself to a threading or waxing session?

5. Let your lips do the talking. One way to ensure you look fantastic and make an impact with your make-up is to pay attention to your lips. Bold, bright lips will draw attention away from the eye area – and look fantastic with black-framed glasses. Hot pinks and bold reds are two of the on-trend shades which are popular at the moment, and as we go into autumn, darker gothic colours like plums and dark purples are set to enjoy a renaissance.

After laser eye surgery

The world is now your oyster! You can finally go make-up mad with that shimmery eye shadow you’ve always wanted to wear, and, come Christmas, there will be no stopping you with that glitter! It’s always best to stick within the boundaries of style and sophistication, of course, but once you ditch the specs, there are so many make-up looks that open up to you.

1. Make the most of your gorgeous eyes. Free from your glasses, you can finally attempt all those make-up looks you’ve always wanted to try but been a bit scared of. Dramatic, sultry eyes, for example, are easy to achieve and look brilliant on a night out, but not a good look on glasses wearers. After laser eye surgery, this can be achieved using a chunky kohl eye pencil, some brown or black eye shadow, luxurious fake lashes and plenty of mascara.

2. Colour is now your friend. Glasses-wearers are sometimes scared of colour because it can make the eyes look too busy or clash with your frames. However, now, once your enemy, bright greens, blues, pinks and purples can now be your best make-up mates!

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