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National Braille Week


To celebrate National Braille Week 2011 (4th – 10th January) Royal Blind has launched a unique exhibition in Edinburgh featuring artwork by blind artists and Braille messages from UK household names including Stephen Fry, Susan Boyle, and Michael Ball amongst others.

Braille is the remarkable system that was developed by Frenchman Louis Braille and has given freedom to blind and partially sighted people across the world.

Louis was born sighted but in 1912 at the age of three was left completely blind after a childhood accident. While attending a specialist school for the blind he was left frustrated at the raised symbol systems that were available and yearned for more books to read. He experimented with alternate systems that could be easily identified using your fingertips. At the age of 15 he invented the 6-dot Braille system used today from a night code used by the military to swap messages in the dark without the need for light.

Optical Express is committed to supporting various programmes and charities and is also proud of their involvement with The Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB).

By donating the old glasses of laser eye surgery patients, as well as customers who have upgraded their old glasses, Optical Express is helping to enrich lives throughout the world with sustainable, long-term benefits.

In a partnership venture with the international aid charity The Caring City, Optical Express aim to help improve the vision of millions of people in underdeveloped countries throughout the world. Optical Express have now donated over 500,000 pairs of used glasses. Special drop boxes are located in Optical Express clinics nationwide, which have been particularly popular for those who have benefited from laser eye surgery. Pop into your local Optical Express today and donate your old frames, as the difference good eyesight makes is immeasurable.

Corporate Social Responsibility is important to Optical Express and is firmly anchored in our corporate culture and values.

In 2004 The Optical Express Group donated the majority of funding to the RNIB to help open a facility designed to equip blind and partially sighted people with the skills and confidence to enter employment. The Centre serves the needs of blind and partially sighted people throughout Scotland and the North of England. This Centre is located in Edinburgh in the grounds of Jewel & Esk Valley College. After three years’ heavy involvement with the project and its finances, and in recognition of the company’s substantial support, the centre was named Moulsdale House.

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