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Shades On The Ski Hill


As the country becomes blanketed in snow and rainfall gives way to flurries, it’s time to bundle up and hit the slopes. Though many opt for goggles to complete their on-hill look, sunglasses are a popular alternative for numerous others. Furthermore, whether you’re enjoying a mid-day hot chocolate on the lodge patio or an après ski round of beers at the base, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to keep you looking stylish and protect your eyes at the same time.

Though the days are short, the reflection of light off snow – even on a cloudy day – necessitates extra vigilance in protecting your eyes. That being said, how is it that you can protect your eyes while simultaneously maintaining your cool? First of all, it depends on what look you’re going for. If your version of the perfect ski day means more time in the lodge than on the slopes, and colour-coordinating your outfit is more important than ensuring that you’re using the best possible equipment to shred, bold, designer shades are the way to go. For a classic look, try an oversized pair of sunglasses such as Chanel’s. If you want to be a bit more glamorous, Gucci or Dior can really make a statement.

For the backcountry connoisseur, carrying a bag of trail mix alongside your avalanche kit and skins, sunglasses are more about function than style, shielding your eyes on the sunniest of days. You don’t need anything on your mind besides the pursuit of powder, so opt for some sunglasses that you can trust to stay on. Oakleys, for instance, can offer a great combination of functionality and style.

The ski bum is a well-known breed of skier, often distinguished by his or her goggle tan, and otherwise unkempt look, indicating a dedication to skiing or snowboarding above all other pursuits. Using local work as a means of funding lodging and a season’s pass, this twentysomething individual is just as proficient in the park as in the glades. Despite a questionable dedication to hygiene and a limited income, the ski bum understands that ski gear is worth the investment, and no doubt looks the part with a pair of fat skis or statement board and a bold-coloured or patterned jacket. Never taking themselves too seriously, the ski bum looks great in a pair of retro shades with a bold splash of colour, or aviators to highlight their laid-back outlook. Ray-Ban can be an ideal brand for this breed of skier.

Shades On The Ski Hill – Sunglasses & Winter FashionAs ski parents, you may have been racers, ski bums, or other thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies in your previous lives, but since starting a family, you’ve developed a more responsible approach to hitting the slopes. Still competent on the full range of ski terrain, but avoiding off-piste for the sake of safety, you are the well-dressed duo confidently tackling the double blacks as the kids spend the day in ski school. Now that you’ve taken on real jobs, you can afford your choice of attire, and will often opt for a more tailored and put together look than the younger generation. Shades should reflect a combination of maturity, style and sportiness, such as Tag Heuers.

The ski racer, equipped with his or her multiple pairs of skis and other assorted collection of equipment, has a very distinctive style, both in aggressive carving turns and racing attire. Goggles are a no brainer on the course, but the podium and lodge necessitate shades to keep up the intimidation factor. A simple, stylish and athletic pair of shades is ideal, highlighting the fact that you’re more focused on speed and skiing than style.

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