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Top Eye Care Tips For Festival Season


Tents are being dusted off, dried-in dirt is being wiped from wellies and sleeping bags are being pulled out from underneath beds all across the country – FESTIVAL SEASON is finally here!

There are so many great things about summer; BBQ’s on the beach, day long road trips, holidays in the sun with your best friends – but nothing quite compares to the experience of a festival weekend.

Over the next few months, everyone who is anyone will be on their way to Glastonbury, T in the Park, Wireless or any one of the hundreds of festivals taking place across the country this year.

Amongst all the excitement and fun of seeing your favourite bands, it is important to make sure you take care of your eyes. It might not seem like the most important thing to think about before you go, but just think how gutted you would be to miss out on the headline act after losing a contact lens or having to go on a trek to find the first aid tent to get some eye drops.

To make sure you don’t miss the best bits of your festival weekend this summer, follow our handy tips and let the good times roll:



It’s vital that you don’t let your guard down when it comes to hygiene and your eyes. Make sure that you wash your hands with an anti-bacterial solution before touching your eyes. Be careful not to use hand sanitisers that are alcohol based. If you’re putting lenses in, try to do it in your tent as festival toilets can be breeding grounds for nasty bacteria.


Pack extra contact lenses (and extra cases too)

There’s nothing worse than losing your contact lenses and either end up being unable to see what’s in front of you or having to switch to your glasses. Make sure you pack extra contact lenses (with an extra case) just in case. If you don’t wear daily contact lenses, ask your optician if you could switch to them as this means you will have an individual pair for everyday that you are there. If daily wear lenses aren’t the best solution for you, ensure you have plenty spare in case you lose them or they are damaged.


Make sure you have lens solution

If you don’t wear daily lenses, ensure you have enough solution that will last you your whole trip – and pack some extra too in case you lose one or spill a bottle. This will ensure you have plenty to store them overnight and will help avoid your lenses becoming dry or dirty. If your lens becomes dirty or dusty at any point, this will also mean that you can take it out and clean it properly without having to sacrifice cleaning them later on too.


Take eye drops

Sun, alcohol and not a lot of water sounds like a lot of fun – but it’s a mix that isn’t great for your eyes. These factors often contribute to itchy, dry or irritated eyes. Drinking as much water as possible is recommended but we know it’s not the easiest rule to stick to at a festival. If you can’t get enough water, we would recommend that you take some lubricating eye drops which will help keep your eyes moist and soothe your eyes. Check which drops to use with your optician beforehand.


Wear sunglasses

This will be a popular recommendation amongst many of the fashionistas but sunglasses do have a functional benefit too. You need to make sure that yours are UV protecting as this will help to protect your eyes, and the area around your eyes, from harmful UV rays. While it’s unlikely you will see much sun at a British festival this year, make sure you pack your best pair to keep you protected and looking good this summer.

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