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Top 10 Famous Glasses Wearers


1. John Lennon - Lennon needs no introduction, and it is fair to say that his round, metal-framed glasses live on as much as his music does. With his signature pensive look and long hair, his glasses provided a constant accessory – both as spectacles and tinted as sunglasses.

2. Gandhi - Gandhi’s glasses made headlines in winter of 2009 when they were purchased in an auction alongside his sandals, pocket watch, bowl, and plate, for £1.27 million. The thin, metal-rimmed glasses that hooked back behind the ears attracted the most attention of any of the items in the set, as Gandhi himself once said they gave him “the vision to free India.”

3. Dame Edna - Dame Edna Everage, the colourful and entertaining character played by Barry Humphries, has a collection of spectacles as over-the-top and flamboyant as her personality. With jewelled plastic frames in all the brightest colours, she pulls of with ease styles that others would never dare risk sporting.

4. Harry Potter - Though fictional, this famed boy wizard has brought spectacles back onto the big screen worldwide. The round, thin frames, behind which Potter holds dementors at bay, have seen a recent surge in popularity not surprising after both the novels’ and films’ successes.

5. Buddy Holly - Sporting spectacles with thick plastic rims along with his signature suit and guitar, Buddy Holly influenced not only rock and roll but popularized spectacles as well. Despite a life and career cut short, the style can be seen today on musicians, hipsters, and numerous others.

6. Tina Fey - From her Emmy-winning Saturday Night Live portrayal of Sarah Palin, to her starring role in 30 Rock and other film credits, Fey is arguably the comedienne du jour. Known for sporting dark, plastic, horn-rimmed spectacles, she provides a welcome and witty alternative to the less relatable red-carpet starlets.

7. Johnny Depp - Depp has hardly been pictured recently without his signature tortoise-shell, horn-rimmed glasses. The heartthrob of such recent films as the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, his career has earned him not only legions of female fans, but the respect of critics and audiences as well.

8. Elton John - Elton is reported to own tens of thousands pairs of glasses, with lenses in every colour and frames in every shape. Rarely pictured onstage without shades, his multi-decade career has enabled him to sport as many styles as he has written songs.

9. Sarah Palin - Her 2008 vice presidential candidacy remains controversial, but there is no doubt that during her time in the spotlight, Palin became known for sporting a variety of fashionable frames. Particularly associated with rectangular rimless frames, Palin demonstrated that spectacles can provide a perfect accessory for stylish businesswomen and politicians alike.

10. Woody Allen - Pictured wearing the same dark-rimmed glasses throughout his career, Allen made headlines in January 2009 after giving a pair to Penelope Cruz, with whom he worked on his recent film Vicky Christina Barcelona.

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