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Top Tips: Hairstyles That Make The Cut


A change of hairstyle can be a big decision for some people, and if you are considering a fringe it can change your whole look. But when it comes to choosing the right fringe, there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge, especially if you wear glasses.

Just as your face shape needs to be taken into account when choosing your glasses, it is also a big factor in knowing what hairstyles will suit you.

Wearing glasses doesn’t have to affect your personal style, so read our top tips below to find out which fringe is best for you and how to make the most of your features:

  1. Oblong faces will be able to pull off a bold, long fringe, which will draw attention to the eyes – perfect for glasses wearers!
  2. Long fringes can soften a long face or prominent forehead, also exaggerating eyes and cheek bones and the same time.
  3.  If you have a heart shaped face, on the other hand, you should keep your fringe light and add in some layers that fall to the jawline.
  4.  Both heart and square shaped faces suit side fringes, and should keep it light and layered.
  5.  Finally, an oval face shape can pull off almost any type of fringe. If you have thick hair, why not try a blunt fringe for a dramatic look. Or for a more low-key look you could opt for a shorter, wispy fringe. The options are endless!

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