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We’re All Going On Our Summer Holidays


Passport? Check. Tickets? Check. Sun cream? Check.

Glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, cases, lens cloth, contact lens solutions? Check, check, check…for those of us with less than perfect eyesight, there is a bit more to consider when packing our suitcase for a sunshine break.

Whether our preference is glasses or contact lenses – or both, we have to consider a list of necessities to pack in order for our poor eyesight not to lead to a poor holiday.

Contact lens wearers will sympathise with the first obstacle for our eyes during our trip to the sun – flying. Once on board an airplane, the cabin air is considerably drier than normal which can cause our eyes to become dry, sometimes too dry for the comfort of contact lens wearers. If you do wear contact lenses, it may be a good idea to switch to glasses for the flight to avoid discomfort, especially on long-haul flights if you would like to catch some sleep.

If you do decide to wear your contact lenses, pack some lubricating eye drops to moisten your eyes should they become irritable during the flight…and pack your glasses just in case, there is no need for our well deserved holiday to get off to an uncomfortable start!

From the moment we land at our sunshine destination we feel the heat and experience the welcome rays of sunshine. Once we disembark, it’s time to reach into our hand luggage and don our sunglasses. Thankfully, the choice of frames available for prescription sunglasses is now as wide and varied as standard frames which allow us to choose a frame that suits our own personal style. And with free prescription sunglasses on offer when we purchase our regular glasses, we can make sure our eyes are fully protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses that protect eyes against UVA and UVB are essential, whether you wear regular or prescription sunglasses make sure they are British Standard approved to guarantee sufficient UV protection.

Warmer climes and drier air can also mean dustier environments which can cause discomfort for both wearers of glasses and contact lenses. As most contact lens wearers will agree, dust in our eyes is not particularly pleasant and often results in the need to replace your lenses or, if you do not wear dailies, to rinse the lenses in saline solution. If you wear dailies, remember to pack enough lenses to cover more than a one per day use.

Steamy windows can be a regular occurrence if you wear glasses and it is a good idea to pack a supply of lens cloths. Most opticians will give you a free supply of lens cloths when you purchase your glasses.

If you don’t wear dailies, remember to pack your saline and cleaning solutions as they may not be available at your destination. Remember to check with your airline what the restrictions are when travelling with liquids. Never use tap water to rinse out your lenses, especially abroad where the water may contain micro-organisms.

If you decide to go for a swim at the hotel pool or in the ocean, it is not advisable to wear contact lenses as the water can be dirty, containing bacteria that may cause infection.

Sunshine holidays usually involve longer days with an active agenda as we try to pack in as much as possible during our short stay which may result in a lack of oxygen in our eyes. While you are out of your routine, be careful not to wear your contact lenses longer than you should to avoid the signs and symptoms of lack of oxygen – dryness, irritation, end-of-day discomfort and redness. This may mean keeping your lenses out until lunch, or switching to glasses mid-day.

Or perhaps invest in the revolutionary Clariti 1 Day daily lenses, made from silicone hydrogel that transmits more oxygen to your eyes than traditional soft lenses. They provide a combination of oxygen and moisture designed for extended daily wear (check with your optician).

Clariti 1 Day daily lenses give you clearer vision, maintain moisture and provide excellent daily comfort with high oxygen transmission for an extended and healthier lens-wearing experience
Holidays are our reward for working hard, so remember to pack for all eventualities to ensure our bad eyesight doesn’t result in a bad holiday.

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