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Will Certain Behaviours Affect Your Vision?


The notion that the way we behave affects our vision has long been accepted as common knowledge – sitting too close to the television or reading in the dark is bad for your eyes, while eye exercises can improve vision.

It’s time to debunk these myths. Watching television up close will not damage your eyes, though if your children insist on doing so it may be a sign that they are myopic, or nearsighted.

Likewise, reading in the dark or in dim lighting is not dangerous to your eye sight. It may cause fatigue, but is harmless otherwise. Spending too much time on the computer is not harmful, but if you are on the computer for an extended period of time, your eyes will begin to blink less (the same phenomenon occurs with reading, or another other work performed up close). This makes your eyes dry, and can lead to feelings of eyestrain and fatigue, but there are no serious risks associated with too much time in front of the computer. To avoid this eyestrain, remember to take breaks while surfing the internet.

Finally, wearing glasses with the wrong prescription or someone else’s glasses will not damage your eyes. That being said, if your vision can be corrected, then there’s no reason to settle for anything less.

You can, however, permanently damage your eyes by looking straight into the sun or other bright lights, even if you squint or wear sunglasses.

On the flipside, eye exercises will not improve your vision. Carrots, conversely, do contain ingredients that are beneficial for eye health. Unfortunately, they will not actually sharpen your sight. And no, if you cross your eyes, they will not stay that way.

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