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Tips for Maintaining Healthy Eyes


The health of our eyes and vision is something that many of us are guilty of taking for granted. Taking your eye health for granted could be risky: a lack of eye care increases the chances of problems going unnoticed and untreated. Common tips put forward by opticians to maintain healthier eyes usually include the following:

  • A regular comprehensive eye examination – a number of people that are visually impaired never see it coming, mostly because not all eye ailments present symptoms. In fact a number of people think their eyes are perfectly healthy, that they have suitable vision, never realizing that they might be in need of additional visual aids such as contact lenses, glasses or laser eye surgery to improve their sight.
  • It was for this purpose that the dilated eye exam was designed to serve, allowing the professional to comprehensively analyse the health of your eyes – as well as wider health issues – to counter ailments such as glaucoma, cataracts or even diabetes before they manifest.
  • Understanding your family history might also prove useful in helping you to get ahead of any hereditary visual illnesses that you might be at risk of carrying.
  • Diet – not many people are aware of just how effective your overall diet is in maintaining healthier eyes. Fruits, vegetables and a carefully controlled diet of non-fatty foods all help with eye health. Diabetes is a lead cause of blindness (diabetic retinopathy) among many adults; and as such it is only rational that eating healthily, in combating obesity and the like, is good for your eyes.
  • Work safety – most professional organizations are expected to enforce protocols that ensure the safety of workers in the business environment; these include protective eyewear to defend employee’s eyes against hazards.
  • The cleanliness of your hands is also key in maintaining healthy eyes, contact lens wearers are expected to thoroughly wash their hands before handling their eyes when inserting or removing contact lenses. This can help prevent infection.
  • Sometimes the best means of maintaining healthy eyes can be as simple as acquiring proper amounts of rest. Spending too much time staring at a screen or focusing too hard towards something will cause fatigue: regular rest, at least every 20 minutes will reduce eye strain.
  • Most people know how destructive the sun’s rays are to the eyes, yet not everyone takes steps to combat debilitating ultraviolet rays. Wearing UV protective sunglasses or lenses is key to protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays.
  • Smoking isn’t only harmful to the rest of the human body, but just as destructive to your eyes, making these delicate body parts vulnerable to cataracts and nerve damage.

The eyes are more delicate than most people give them credit for, yet it isn’t nearly as difficult to maintain healthy eyes and ensure visual prosperity, so long as you’re willing to look after them.

If you are in any doubt over the health of your eyes book an eye test with Optical Express today. Our qualified and experienced optometrists can provide a thorough eye examination to help identify any eye-related and wider health issues.

This article is a guest post courtesy of Melody Cleo, a health practitioner for EHIC, a not-for-profit organisation encouraging the promotion of an EHIC application card for those in the European Economic Area (EEA).

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