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Lucky Physicist Discovers Amazing Vision


Physicist Enrico Massa wasn’t taking any chances when offered the opportunity to win free laser eye surgery.

Having won a free procedure in a competition held by Optical Express during an event in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre, Enrico was quick to book himself in for a consultation.

Enrico Massa Glasses

However, before meeting with the Optical Express surgeon, the academic scientist prepared a list of well-researched questions about laser eye surgery.

“I researched a lot and asked many questions as I’m a scientist myself, so I wanted to be completely satisfied that I understood the whole process.”

“In the end the surgeon explained everything”, he said, “I really felt confident to go for it after that.”

While studying towards a PhD in nanophotonics, Enrico battled the daily annoyance of looking through a microscope in glasses, and the surgery has marked “a very big improvement” in his working life.

Having suffered eye problems from a young age Enrico gave up wearing contact lenses at 14 due to the discomfort and tiredness they caused, and has been wearing glasses ever since. However, at just 28, Enrico didn’t want to endure a lifetime behind lenses.

Enrico Massa NoGlasses

His strong optical prescription and steady deterioration of eyesight were factors in deciding to undergo the laser eye surgery and rid himself of glasses forever.

These combined factors left no doubt in the pragmatic physicist’s mind about getting the surgery, and he couldn’t have been happier about his decision.

“Right after the procedure my sight was much better,” said Enrico. “I didn’t expect to recover with such good eyesight so quickly. My vision is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about having it done.”

Manek Patel of Optical Express said, “Enrico was a really interesting patient, as being a scientist he started off being very sceptical and asking a lot of detailed questions about his procedure. However, once he understood how it all worked he was very enthusiastic and we are delighted to have been able to give him 20/20 vision and free him from the hassle of wearing glasses while he is working in the laboratory.”

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