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‘Me and My Sellotaped Glasses’ by Farhana Ali

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So these are my glasses…



And this is me!

Farhana_Ali photo


And as you can see what’s left of my one and only specs is the piece of sellotape not really holding them together. (Very embarrassing especially whilst I’m driving)

This is how it began…

I have always been short sighted for as long as I can remember and have tried contact lenses. I got fed up as I kept getting eye infections so, in the end, I just stuck with glasses. I’ve always wanted laser eye surgery but just never found the right time to go for it…until I entered the #2020orbetter video pod tour competition – and actually won!! I remember screaming and jumping with joy in the corridor at work thinking “Oh my God, this is it! I will actually be able to see properly and I can’t wait.”

The gift of sight is absolutely priceless (literally) and I can’t wait to go for my surgery and just enjoy my life so much more. I can’t tell you how many times I have waved at the wrong person before (we’ve all been there). Outside of my work as a university student advisor, I am also a singer. When I am on stage I don’t wear glasses so everything is a blur for me, which is sad because I can’t see the reaction of the audience unless they’re at the front. I don’t feel confident at all wearing my glasses and they just fall off my face to be honest, which is why they are probably in the state that they’re in now.

My first appointment…

Everybody at Optical Express Westfield were so lovely and helpful and equally excited to have met someone who had actually won a competition to receive free laser eye surgery. I was there for about 2 hours or so and had various different tests done to determine what type of surgery I would need. Thankfully it was Lasik and not Lasek as I didn’t like the idea of that. I left the clinic with slightly blurrier vision than normal and yellow eyed from the eye dye they used in one of the tests but that went away after a short while and left me my usual blurry self instead.

A week before my Lasik Procedure…

And I have the worst cough/cold ever and on day 4 of antibiotics! (Noooo!!!) and all I can think about is if I cough during the procedure then I will go blind. So I spoke with the experts who unfortunately gave me the bad news that I have to reschedule my appointment, as I need to be clear of all antibiotics for at least a week! (And good news is that the machine automatically stops with any harsh movement so my cough wouldn’t have endangered my sight).

The waiting game…

My surgery date has been rebooked (exciting) so now I have to sit tight and get better in order to get my perfect eyesight.


  1. nisar:

    Good luck I have done mine a month ago and I got better than 20/20 best thing I have done in life

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