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Team 21: Becky Wiggins – It’s Beginning To Look A Bit Like Christmas – And I Can See It


Just six short weeks ago I changed my life by having laser eye surgery at Optical Express in Milton Keynes. Since then I’ve been on holiday to Florida (and yes, I bought new sunglasses at the airport – the joy of being able to wear sunglasses!) where I had a wonderful day at a water park not worrying about being able to see, or breaking my expensive specs down the water slide, and whizzed about on a speedboat, LOVING the bumps and splashes, not panicking whether or not I’d lose my glasses.

Back to reality, then, I’ve also chipped frost off my car windscreen without my glasses fogging up and spent many a happy morning switching off my alarm without fumbling about for my specs, then standing in the shower and being able to see which bottle is which (actually I’ve noticed a bit of damp in the far corner of the shower door – never spotted that before!).

All this in six weeks! And now I’m getting used to being without them. That reflex thing of pushing my imaginary glasses up my nose has finally stopped and, yes, those dents either side of my nose have finally gone.

So what do I want for Christmas? Well, not a lot. There’s a beautiful, twinkling tree by the fireplace (yes, you’ve guessed it, I can finally see all those precious baubles), I’ve got my family around me, my health, and finally my eyesight too.

So if you wear glasses and haven’t taken the plunge yet, put laser eye surgery on your list straight away – I’m living proof that it will be the best thing you every did!

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