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Team 21: Becky Goddard-Hill – Oh My Goodness, I’m Getting Laser Eye Surgery And I Am So Excited


My journey with glasses

I have worn glasses since I was three years-old. I started off with what my mum would call a wandering eye. It would go right into the corner when I was tired so I ended up with some pink NHS specs with a big plaster over one lens to stop me seeing.

Having a name like Becky led to me being called ‘Specky Becky’ quite a bit but I wasn’t exactly a shy and retiring kid so I stuck up for myself pretty well.

I have to say though glasses were always a pain for me – they steamed up, slid off, broke, got lost – nothing much has changed actually in how I feel about them. As the years progressed, I dreamed about contact lenses and at 18 that was my birthday gift. I was beyond happy. I think I thought it would turn me into the blonde one out of Charlie’s Angels overnight. It didn’t but my confidence grew so much. I could kiss without banging my glasses on someone’s nose and that was just fabulous!

After a few years I just couldn’t be bothered any more with contact lenses. I am (it’s true) a highly disorganised person and I would misplace them or the cleaning fluid so often it got silly. However, in my 20?s I no longer needed glasses for anything but reading. They had got stronger. That was fabulous.

Back to where I started

By my late 30s I started getting very bad headaches if I didn’t wear my glasses and I now need them pretty much all the time. I lose them constantly and have to have several pairs on the go. They are expensive, they mist up, get rain splattered, get sat on by the kids and are a pain!

All those years of not wearing glasses have made wearing them constantly really annoying for me and I do so struggle to keep track of them. My eyesight is getting worse though and I was told next year I would probably need varifocals. Having laser eyes surgery could not come at a better time.

Hopes for the future

My hope is that my vision will be perfect without the need for anything else. That I can just drive, read and get on with life without hunting for where I last put my glasses. I hope it’s really quick and painless and straightforward (I’m a bit scared to be honest.)

The consultation I had was so reassuring and the op takes just nine minutes, can you believe it?! I want to start playing tennis again, and when I go to see my son play football in the pouring rain I’m hoping I will actually be able to see.

I have such high hopes. I think it will increase my confidence, too. I’ve been losing weight recently and this will be the icing on the cake. Glasses can look fab but I have a little round face and I have never thought they do much for me.

The team 21 project

So these are my motivations, and the reasons I am going ahead. I’ll be back to tell you more post-surgery. Mine is the 9th of November. 21 of us are having our eyes lasered as part of Optical Express celebrating 21 years of business. I feel so lucky and so blessed to be part of this project.

You can follow us on twitter #team21

I know it’s not really a budgeting kind of thing to do but it’s a huge treat and I will definitely save a fortune on glasses! The speed my prescription changes I spend about £150 a year at the moment!

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