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Team 21: Emma Sheldon – Laser Eye Surgery: Why Timing Is Everything


I was so excited to be selected to be part of Team 21 and I have spent the past few weeks not only dreaming about the freedom of ditching my lenses but also already planning new looks and make-up styles to celebrate my ‘new eyes.’

As a fashion and beauty blogger, I have to care about these things and even though seeing better is the most important result of laser eye surgery, you have to agree that looking better is a HUGE benefit too!

I also felt sure it would help me in my quest to keep my body in shape- I’m addicted to working out in the gym and not having to wear lenses will make the experience a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

All in all, laser eye surgery looked to me like the ultimate makeover – the most amazing opportunity to undergo surgery with specialists, which would enable me to see clearly and improve how I look. And as I’m only 18, this would mean I could enjoy my whole adult life in front of me with good eyesight. Amazing!

Unfortunately, as a result of difficulties in my personal life during the past month, I have had to postpone my surgery, which I was booked in to have this week.

Although my consultation with my Optical Express optometrist in Leeds was brilliant – they answered all my questions and calmed my nerves – I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately. Keeping on top of my course work – I’m studying broadcast journalism at Leeds University – while dealing with these problems has been tough.

Even though I was looking forward to the surgery, and felt confident that I would be in safe hands, I knew that it would still be stressful. There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s a big life-changing event – and even though this is a happy kind of life changing event, I’m just not feeling up to it right now.

I feel relieved that I have postponed my surgery and feel my decision to delay it until life has calmed down and I’m feeling stronger is the right one.

It’s not only a case of undergoing all of Optical Express’s tests in your consultation to ensure that your eligible for laser eye surgery, I think you also have to get it done at the right time for you.

I hope that I will be able to reschedule my surgery in the near future and will be back in touch with Optical Express as soon as I am ready.

In the meantime, I will keep a close watch on the progress of the rest of Team 21. Their brilliant posts about the surgery really help explain exactly what to expect and the post about their new lives after surgery are totally inspiring!

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