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Team 21: Helping To Give The Gift Of Sight


If you’re planning to have laser eye surgery, I’m sure that just like our team of bloggers, you simply can’t wait to be free from your glasses. You may well have fantasies about hurling them in the bin or stamping on them in celebration of your newly repaired vision, which is a perfectly normal reaction.

However, there is a far better way to celebrate…

If you think that our team’s pile of redundant specs will be jettisoned to land fill – think again!

Image of African children
We are thrilled to report that our brilliant bloggers , who have shared their inspiring personal journeys as part of Team 21, will be donating their old glasses and lenses to our charity partner, The Caring City - a dynamic aid project committed to improving eye care in Third World countries around the globe.

Optical Express has been working with The Caring City for many years and, together with volunteers working in the field, they provide local eye doctors with desperately needed training, support and equipment.

We ship out the glasses and lenses donated by our customers throughout Europe and the UK to The Caring City’s 47 projects worldwide, the results of which are truly life changing.

And what makes this project even more inspiring is that rather than take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to donating lenses, we provide details of the prescriptions of all lenses so that eye doctors and aid workers running the clinics can recycle the right lenses to match the specific requirements of the people who need them most.

A world of difference

It’s a sobering thought that whilst laser surgery has revolutionalised eye care in the West , making the dream of 20:20 vision more accessible, affordable and reliable than ever before, millions of people struggle with poor eyesight in countries where even basic eye care is non-existent.

Unnecessary blindness (which could be repaired with just the very simple treatments that we take for granted) is alarmingly common in many communities in Africa and India. Many children are required to attend schools for the blind, which could be avoided if they had a pair of basic glasses. Shocking, isn’t it?

How you can help

It’s not just our customers who have had laser eye surgery who donate their no longer needed glasses and lenses – we also receive huge support from customers who have new prescriptions or upgrade their glasses and donate their old ones.

If you’ve got some old glasses stuffed in the back of a drawer or are planning to have laser eye surgery please support our campaign.

Simply drop your glasses into your local Optical Express or call 0800 023 20 20 to find out details of our stores nearest to you.

Thank you!

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