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Team 21: Hero Brown – Muddy Stilettos Totters Towards Laser Eye Surgery


Madly interested in fashion or beauty? I met these lovely girls, both superbloggers, the other night at the Soho Hotel in London – that’s Ellen from The Real Runway on the left, and Charlotte from Super Gorgeous on the right.

I don’t often get into Soho these days but blimey it’s fun. I said goodbye to my kids with a barely suppressed smile, got tiddled on free booze at the hotel and had a glimpse of the glamorous life I think I remember once having. I was there because I’m one of ‘Team 21′ bloggers nationwide who’ve been chosen by Optical Express to have their eyes lasered to demystify the operation for others. I know, I’m honoured!

In terms of my general blindness, I’m a pretty good candidate for eye surgery. Anyone who knows me well around my village already mocks me for my utter inability to see them across the road, in the playground or at times walking past me on the pavement. If I don’t wear my glasses or contacts (at a cost of £600 a year by the way) I may as well be walking around with vaseline over my eyeballs.

I had idly considered laser surgery over the years but didn’t really think, with an astigmatism and a middlingly bad prescription (-2.00 since you ask speccy folk), that I’d be suitable. Now I find that I am, and I can, I’m really excited. Go swimming, biking or play tennis without contacts? Yes please. Not have to ask Mr Muddy ten times a week if he’s seen my glasses and have him give me the evils (I don’t have to see that, I can justsense it). Oh yeah! I’ll be able to see my kids in the playground, wear sunglasses on the beach without getting sand in my contacts and, well you know, just generally get on with life.

At the moment I’m not feeling nervous, figuring it can’t be anywhere near as horrendous as childbirth (I have about 20 children – the nightmare doesn’t compare). Apparently if the surgery goes too far or not far enough, very unusual but of course possible, it’s reversible. Plus I get a whole weekend where I can legitimately lie quietly in bed, catching up on some zzzs.

I’ve been assigned a ‘mentor’ who I can speak to nearer the time (they come as standard apparently, Optical Express’s equivalent of air bags) if I feel my jaunty approach buckling under the strain of the approaching operation, but I don’t think I’ll need it.

Anyway, it’s surgery in two weeks time. I’ll let you know how it goes. If you see me waving to you across the road, you’ll know it’s been a success!

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