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Team 21: Leila Gregory – Is Laser Eye Surgery Life Changing? I’d Say So


It’s been a couple of months since my Laser Eye Surgery. I can honestly say, it’s a miracle!

As you may have read previously, I’m a Mum. My son is now nineteen months and recently he’s been waking up every other night at crazy o’clock! Total nightmare. Before my surgery, getting up in the night was really difficult for me. I used to wear contact lenses most of the time, so if he woke up, I would have to roam a dark house trying to remember where I put my glasses. Not that easy when you can’t see. Now, getting up is not a problem at all.

Another regular occurrence is my travel up north to my in-laws in Chesterfield or to Scotland to see my step son. In the past, I have made the journey, only to find I hadn’t packed any contact lenses and forgotten my glasses. This has happened a good three or four times and every time has caused huge amounts of stress. Since having my surgery, every time I drive long distance, it makes me smile, knowing I don’t have to wear contacts or glasses anymore.

I couldn’t speak more highly about the experience. My life really has been greatly improved by having the surgery. All my worries and fears were quashed by the staff who were all so knowledgable. Most of the staff I spoke to had gone through the process and so any questions I had or any reassurance I needed, they were able to confidently deal with.

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