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Team 21: Merry Raymond – Laser Eye Surgery: Why I’ve Decided To Go For It


I’ve been toying with the idea of corrective laser eye surgery for a few years now, so when the opportunity to take part in the Optical Express Team 21 project came up, it seemed too good to be true.

Aged 42, with a short-sighted prescription of around -5.50 in each eye, I’ve been wearing glasses all of my adult life. I used to wear hard, gas-permeable lenses when I was younger but since we had the girls and life became more family-centred and less about going out socialising I’ve not really had the inclination to bother with all the hassle of contact lenses.

But now in the last few years, I’m not sure whether it’s a mid-life crisis or the onset of teenage children, I’m finding times when wearing glasses is down-right inconvenient. Whether it’s trying to get my motorbike helmet on or off while balancing my specs on the tank of the bike and hoping they don’t fall off or playing Summer Touch Rugby with the kids and hoping nobody tackles me too hard, I’ve been looking for ways to ditch the glasses.

So last year I took the step of trying daily contact lenses. The first thing I found after not having worn lenses for more than 10 years was just how great it is to not be seeing things through a frame: suddenly I have peripheral vision and when I touch my face it’s just me, no framework and no loss of vision as I knock my specs.

The next thing I noticed was just how comfortable to wear they were after my memories of the old hard lenses. For going out and general day to day use, these were a great solution but for playing sport I found that when I was running about or it was windy the lenses would occasionally slip across my eyes and leave me blinking and looking through a film of tears until they settled again. I never tried wearing lenses for riding my motorbike for this reason so they have not turned out to be the solution I was looking for and, to be honest, I’ve not worn them at all for the past three months.

So this brings me back to considering corrective laser surgery. It’s not the first time I’ve considered it; I went as far as having a consultation for laser surgery two years ago but on that occasion during the examination the Optometrist noted some discoloration on my retina and referred me to a specialist to have it checked out; it turned out to be nothing but by the time the months had passed waiting for the appointment other issues had taken priority and I didn’t follow it up.

So here I am now with a great opportunity as part of Optical Expresses 21st anniversary Team 21 project to take another look: I’ll let you know how it goes…

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