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Team 21: Michelle Downes – During And After The Big Day- One Week On


I was admittedly a bag of nerves on the day of the procedure. I arrived for my appointment at 2.45pm and there was some more tests, forms and, questions before the actual procedure took place about two hours later. I was in the surgical chair for less than 5 minutes and the whole procedure was completely painless. The surgeon talked me through the whole thing but all I could actually see was a combination of lights and blur so i felt a bit removed from the situation-allowing me to relax a little!

I was then led to a dimly lit room where the lovely Sile described how my aftercare would work. She brought me a cup of tea and showed my the funny goggles that I was to wear in bed and the three different types of eye drops I would have to take for the next week. My boyfriend collected me and we hailed a cab. We had planned to get a bus but the anaesthetic wears off after about 20 minutes and my eyes were stinging and watery, and all I wanted was bed (I would definitely advise that you arrange for someone to meet you and look after you for the evening because I was a little disorientated en route home). I slept until the next day and on waking I couldn’t believe how clear everything was. I was able to read the calender hanging on the other side of the room-it was an amazing feeling!

I wore sunglasses to my 24 hour check-up as it was dark and the street lights were blurred. This is an expected side effect in the first couple of months post-surgery, along with dry eyes! Sile advised me to go easy on the central heating despite the current temperatures as this is a sure way to feel dry and sleepy. She also gave me tips on how best to wash my hair as it is best to avoid getting tap water into your eyes for the first couple of weeks!

The Blink eye drops that you get given in the cute aftercare bag are are a godsend! I was told I can use then as much as I want and that they would replace them at my next appointment if I happened to run out!

It’s nearly a week post-surgery and I am finding the aftercare really reassuring! I aced the eye test in my first check-up and I am already starting to forget the constant annoyance of worrying about glasses and contacts! I am so thankful to Optical Express for taking care of me, particularly the team at Harley Street where I underwent the procedure!

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