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Team 21: Poppy Dinsey – I Let Laser Change My Life


Back in November I let a laser change my life. I had Advanced CustomVue Wavefront at Optical Express to correct my -3.5 and -3.25 eyes. It seems the universal response that anyone has immediately after surgery is “this is life changing, why didn’t I do this sooner?” – but I think it’s important to re-evaluate your opinion on things as time passes. We’ve all fallen in love with a new product only to find that it’s not as great as we thought it would be a few months down the line.

Luckily, that isn’t the case with my surgery.

I’m still entirely thrilled with the results, I still have no regrets and now, with fully recovered eyes, my life really is drastically improved. I am so pleased I had it done and, like all people that get LASIK, I really do wish I had done it sooner.

Last week I went for my three month review and I have to say that the aftercare at Optical Express has been fantastic, you go the day after surgery then the week after surgery then two weeks after and then – all being well – three months after. This is all part of the care package and included in the original surgery price.

I have a ridiculously hectic schedule, so one of the best things for me has been that I have been able to have my after-care appointments at different locations to suit where I’m working. I had my surgery at Harley Street, but have since seen specialists at Westfield and Shaftesbury Avenue, this flexibility has been really useful and is a level of customer service I didn’t expect.

My vision now is two levels better than 20/20. I was blind without glasses, but even with glasses I couldn’t see anywhere near as well as I can see now. I guess that’s the bit that’s mind blowing, you know your eyes will be a zillion times better than they usually are without glasses – but you don’t expect them to be so much better than they were WITH GLASSES. Never in my life have I had vision like I do now.

My eyes are still a bit dry so I still take eye drops (the surgery alters your own ability to create oily tears which you really need to lubricate your eyes) but Optical Express have provided these. My eyes can feel blurred or a bit dirty immediately on waking, but the drops clear it or it clears itself within 10 minutes or so of getting up.

I still get red eyes sometimes, but nothing like what I’d get with contact lenses. And again, drops sort this. I don’t know if I’ll ever be in a position to not need drops at all but I’d rather be a slave to drops than a slave to glasses and contact lenses. It’s a very small price to pay.

I know of three people already who have had surgery off the back of my raving about it – and I know further peeps who are booked in for it. So the main point of this update is to say that YES, I definitely still highly recommend it.

I can fall asleep watching TV without crushing my glasses, I’ve dived into the sea without worrying about salty contact lenses, I’ve snorkelled in the Caribbean and actually seen the fish, I’ve swum in pools without hitting the walls. It’s been entirely brilliant. And don’t get me started on what it’s like to pack a suitcase and not have twenty billion bottles of contact lens solution!

It’s been life changing and I highly recommend it.

Go get it done!


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