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Team 21: Rebecca Mcluckie – Life After Laser Eye Surgery


It has now been nearly a month since having corrective laser eye surgery with Optical Express… and what a difference it has made!


One of the things I have been impressed with is the aftercare that Optical Express provide. You don’t need to worry about a thing… everything is explained in great detail before you leave and you are given a phone number you can call at any time if you have any questions or worries.

They also like to do regular checks to see how your eyes are settling down… one after 24 hours, a week, a month, 3 months, and possibly even 6 months!

I was amazed at my 24 hour check-up to be told that my eyes were now better than 20/20 vision! Yes, one eye to me felt a little grittier and blurier… but strangely enough that was the one that had the slightly better vision!

I was cleared to drive and went home to have a relaxing, child-free afternoon. Realistically, I could have even gone back to work – which I did the next day, and sat at a computer for the best part of eight hours with no problem at all.

optical express #team21 eye chart


Day by day, my eyes quickly began to feel more and more comfortable. It was tricky remembering not to scratch at them when they did get a bit itchy, but I soon got used to it. I decided to wear the delightful sleep googles for two weeks … which was also a funny surprise for the kids when they woke in the middle of the night!

optical optical express #team21 sleeping goggles

Four weeks on and my eyes feel pretty much back to normal. They do occassionally feel a bit dry, which is apparently to be expected and for which you are given lubricating eye drops to ease them.

There have been a couple of times when I may have completely and hysterically overreacted at one or the other of the twins glancing an eye with a finger… or just straight out poking me in the eye in Jasper’s case – accidentally, of course… but the panic that instantly ran through me was probably quite hilarious to behold.

There was slight bruising on the whites of my eyes, but it was unnoticable because it was mostly under the eyelids and didn’t ache at all… it did take the best part of two weeks to clear up though.

laser eye surgery bruised eye


It may sound a bit cheesy, but it really has been a life-changing experience… and I’m still getting used to it and adapting to no longer having to wear glasses.

It’s amazing being able to sit up in the pitch black of night and immediately be able to read the time on the alarm clock without having to search for my glasses.

I knew I would be a little self-concious to begin with, but I think I have just been more aware of my ridiculous hamster cheeks that are now always down in my peripheral vision where my glasses frames would have been!

I am so much happier, and much more confident in myself. I feel like a completely different person! I took great pleasure in gathering up all of my old glasses and taking them along to my one week check-up for them to recycle :)

optical express #team21

Next on my ‘to do’ list is find out when it is ok to go swimming again… it will be a new experience to to be able to actually see other people in the pool!!

I couldn’t recommend having laser eye surgery any more highly and feel eternally grateful to Optical Express for this amazing opportunity. If you can, I say go for it… you will not regret it!

This is Rebecca, for #Team21, signing off.

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