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Three Years After My Laser Eye Surgery


Its been over three years since I had my laser eye surgery with Optical Express, and my eyesight is still brilliant. I was one of the many people who only a few hours after surgery had such amazing results I kept thinking to myself “Why hadn’t I done this sooner?”

My eyesight prior to the surgery was terrible – put it this way I could only see the lines on my hand if I held it only a few inches away from my face! Every morning I would fumble around trying to remember where I’d left my frames the night before. I used to hate walking in the rain, as I’d look down all the time so I didn’t get wet lenses. Coming into a warm building from the cold was a nightmare; I’d have to stand in one spot for ages waiting for my foggy glasses to clear. Needless to say once my surgery was booked I was wishing the days away. That’s not to say that I wasn’t nervous on the actual day, of course I was, but I needn’t have been as it was brilliant and super fast too – I was waiting in the waiting lounge for longer than I was in surgery for! I was astounded at how quickly I saw proper results, we are talking literally within a few hours I could see number plates of cars parked way down my street.

As I said it was over three years ago now and its the little things that make it worth while. I now have a baby and watching my mum have to do the ‘head dodge’ when my baby grabs for her glasses is hilarious, and then I realise that would be me if I hadn’t had the surgery (I really didn’t get on with contact lenses). Seriously, how do glasses wearing mums not have a constant crook neck from straining away from those cute dribbly little hands? Also when I’ve spent a while putting on eye-makeup, its no longer obscured by my frames or distorted by my thick lenses. I suppose the main one is confidence, not having to wear glasses anymore gave me such a confidence boost, I’d worn them since I was 12 so being glasses free after 18 years was huge.

I have a video on YouTube where I talk about my experience and it’s still fascinating to hear other peoples stories in the comments. I found that there weren’t many impartial videos available of peoples before and after experiences so I recorded a video and uploaded it.

If you want to hear more of my experience please get in touch –  I still regularly check the comments and love to hear from people.

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