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Brits Settling For Quick Fixes In 2014


Getting rid of cheating partners, swearing less and having more sex are among the big priorities for Brits in 2014 according to new research.

However, despite aiming high the majority of people are unwilling to invest time and money in making long-term changes that would benefit their lifestyle – instead preferring quick fixes such as new clothes and makeovers.

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A nationwide survey into people’s personal goals in 2014 has revealed that despite good intentions many people simply do not have the commitment or are not willing to pay the price to make big changes.

The research, commissioned by the UK’s number one provider of laser eye surgery, Optical Express, showed that getting fit, eating healthier and exercising more were the three most popular goals for people looking to make lifestyle changes in the year ahead.

Women appear to be much more motivated than men to try to improve themselves in 2014, and are almost twice as likely to try eating more healthy foods, have a style makeover and be nicer to people.

In comparison many men appear to be content to carry on much as they are – with over a third suggesting they didn’t intend to change anything about themselves at all.

The good news for those in relationships is that less than five per cent of people are looking to change their partner in 2014 – with only slightly more women intending to give their other half the flick.

While women are concerned about their health and well being some may find it surprising that in fact more men would consider having cosmetic surgery in the year ahead.

Neither sex appears to be willing to spend too much hard earned cash on their ambitions though – with just over a third saying they did not intend to spend anything extra and less than a third prepared to invest more than £100 a month on making changes.

Personal Goals 2014 - Most likely changes

Tom Thorne from Optical Express said, “It seems that despite aiming high many people either don’t have the willpower or are not willing to spend money on doing things that will benefit them in the long run.

“Things like joining a gym, giving up smoking, drinking less or having a surgical procedure all feature very low on people’s list of priorities, with most suggesting they simply can’t stick to making any big changes they make or don’t want to spend the money required.
“For example, laser eye surgery can be completely life changing for many people, and is the most cost effective way to correct sight in the long term, saving consumers almost £13,500 over a lifetime.

“However, our research suggests they are more likely to go for cheaper options that make them feel good in the short term such as new clothes, shoes or haircuts rather than things that will help them over the course of their lives.

“On the plus side it does seem that a significant percentage of UK residents are content and don’t feel the need to change too much in their lives, which can only be a good thing.”

Intentions also vary wildly depending on where people live – with Londoners the most likely in mainland UK to drink less booze, the Scots the largest group looking to eat more healthy foods, Yorkshire people the most ready to get rid of their current partner, while those living in the Republic of Ireland significantly more prepared to be kinder to friends and family.

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