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Deaf Features


The UK has a growing deaf community of 9 million people, with a 45% increase in the number of registered deaf people since 1987. In the last twenty years there have been great improvements in technology to help the deaf community remain active in day to day activities, such as advances in loop systems that enable communication with hearing-aid users, mobile phone texting services and deaf TV.

The Optical Express Group have been at the forefront in refractive solutions for all patients and have recognized the growing needs in the market of the deaf community.

Louise Harte is a television presenter for VeeSee TV and works on many programs including Deaf Features. Unable to hear from birth, Louise received free laser vision correction from The Optical Express Group and is one of the first deaf people in the UK to undergo laser vision correction.

She said, “I am really excited at the prospect. Optical Express have been really great and they have special protocols in place when they are dealing with people from the deaf community – which has helped put me at ease. I want to show the deaf community that laser vision correction is a safe alternative to the hassles of contact lenses or glasses.”

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