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Keeping Your Eye On The Ball


The host nation of this year’s rugby World Cup is France and fans and players alike are preparing for the long awaited date in the sporting calendar. With 20 countries in contention for the Cup, the players need to make sure they are fully prepared.

In the majority of sports that extra something often comes from sharp vision and precise visual acuity, and with the latest advances in laser eye surgery, many athletes and sports people are setting their sights on precision vision.

Brett Sturgess, Northampton Saints and England U21 player recently had laser eye surgery at Optical Express. “Only a day after surgery and my sight is incredible,” he said. “Hopefully my enhanced vision will give me that extra edge on the rugby field and the ability to see one or two more openings in the game.

Plus, I won’t need to worry about losing a contact lens in the scrum! Investing in my eyes has helped me see my future more clearly; I can see my next Try already”

The technology behind this treatment is a procedure called CustomVue Wavefront. This ensures that every patient receives tailored treatment that is as individual to each person as their fingerprint or DNA.

The procedure is available at every Optical Express clinic and was also used to treat Ben Ryan, Rugby Union’s Head Coach for the England 7′s and Head Coach of England Counties. He said, “I cannot believe what a difference getting laser treatment from Optical Express has made to my life. Contact lenses were an inconvenience in so many ways, so being able to work and train freely without them has made a massive difference to my quality of life.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. The level of service and standard of professionalism was of the highest order. My vision is now perfect and with the busy schedule I have, the time and hassle I have saved has improved my daily life. My only regret was not getting it done sooner.” With improved vision comes improved performance, and with many other sporting heroes, including Tiger Woods, choosing to have treatment, it’s no wonder that Ben and Brett chose to be treated by Optical Express.

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