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Optical Express launch ‘Happy New You’ TV Advert


Optical Express has launched a brand new TV advert for 2014 that asks viewers to take one easy step next year that will change their life for the better – to have laser eye surgery.

The 30 second advert is themed around the New Year tradition of making a resolution for the forthcoming year. It looks to inspire viewers to change their lives by finding the ‘Happy New You’!

Making a New Year resolution is a tradition that goes back decades in the UK, and lots of people will resolve to try and change an element of their life for the better – be it to get healthier, fitter or perhaps achieve another goal that they might have.

Many patients who have had a laser eye surgery procedure talk about how the results have changed their lives for the better.

A recent survey revealed that 65.4% of people were tired of their glasses and contact lenses, while research also showed that laser eye surgery is the most cost-effective way to correct sight in the long term – saving consumers almost £13,500 over a lifetime.

By 2015 it is estimated there will have been at least 2million refractive procedures performed in the UK, and the surge in demand is being put down to consumers tiring of the hassle associated with wearing specs and contact lenses, and laser eye surgery becoming more cost-effective.

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