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Optical Express Supports ‘Eye See A Dragon In The Glen’


Sight, more so than any of our senses, is vitally important as it helps us navigate the world around us. That isn’t just the case for adults – the development of your child’s eye sight shapes the world they see around them too.

As parents, there are many considerations and decisions to make to ensure your child develops through childhood into fit and healthy adults from physical growth to psychological development. With some experts agreeing that 80% of what children learn is processed through the visual system, we firmly believe the health of your child’s eyes is a key aspect of their overall development.

As a leading provider of eye care in the UK, we are the first port of call for many worried parents looking for advice on how best to monitor and nurture their child’s eye sight.

That’s why, when Anne-Marie Cairns, Vice President of Clinical at Optos, and Ken Lewandowski, of the Scottish Business Challenge, introduced a unique charity initiative to improve early detection of vision issues in children, through a children’s story book ‘Eye See a Dragon in the Glen’, we jumped at the opportunity to get involved. John Morgan, Optical Express’ Business Development Director, explained “The idea to create a fun and interactive book for children to enjoy that will also help to detect any vision issues early on is a stroke of genius, and is completely aligned with our own mission to improve the standard of eye care across the UK.”

The book ‘Eye See a Dragon in the Glen’ tells the simple story of a little troll hunting in the Highlands. Importantly, the book was designed with two visual eye checks to detect vision issues in children from an early age. The checks include a visual acuity test to check that both eyes see clearly and a suppression test with 3D glasses to check both eyes are working well together. The tests were designed, developed and validated by Vision Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Optical Express will support the overall aims of the book by funding a large-scale print run. Ken Lewandowski commented “This book has strong potential for future sales, both here in the UK and oversees. The funding from Optical Express will ensure that this is only the beginning of the success story for this brilliant book.”

Profits raised from the sale of the book will go to Children 1st, a leading welfare charity in Scotland who aims to help every child and young person in Scotland have a happy, healthy, safe and secure childhood.

We were so impressed with the idea, that we’ve already placed an order for 1,500 books from this print run which we will distribute to children and families who may not be able to afford to purchase this great resource themselves.

The latest print run for the book started on Thursday August 15th and John Morgan went along to start the process. You can see pictures from the launch on our Facebook page.

The book is available to buy on Amazon

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