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Top Gun Joins Optical Express


Over the years the police and armed forces have been at the forefront of medical advancements to ensure the sharpest performance from their soldiers and officers.

Today, new advances in military medical developments have shaped the pioneering work that has developed the field of laser eye surgery, giving increased career opportunities and improved performance.

One of the world’s most eminent laser eye surgeons and ex-naval officer, Dr Schallhorn, created and initiated the first refractive surgery programmes for the US Armed Forces studying visual recovery and performance characteristics. He has since helped develop new technology and a procedure called Advanced CustomVue LASIK with Iris Registration (IR) Technology.

Optical Express has employed Dr Schallhorn as Chairman of its International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) and has introduced this CustomVue procedure to all its clinics. Because your eyes and your vision are as unique to you as your fingerprints and DNA, this procedure makes it possible to provide tailored vision correction.

Before entering medical school, Dr Schallhorn had a successful career as a Naval Aviator and Topgun instructor in the US Navy. While he was a Topgun instructor at Miramar, screenwriter Jack Epps Jr interviewed him as the basis for the movie ‘Top Gun’. Though the movie is a fictitious portrayal of Naval Aviation, many of the events in the movie were based on stories relayed by Dr Schallhorn.

Optical Express has treated many police officers and military personnel in the UK who have benefited greatly from laser eye surgery. From studies it can be concluded that approximately 50,000 procedures using the CustomVue technology are performed annually in Department of Defence refractive surgery centres.

Thousands of soldiers and airmen serving in Iraq have had the procedure which many describe as ‘life saving’ because of the harsh environment in which they are serving. In addition, every pilot treated that was outside visual qualification limits was returned to full flight status after surgery. The study also shows a 50 per cent improvement in rifle shoot accuracy after surgery, as measured in a controlled study using the ‘beam hit’ marksmanship system.

Today, more than 10 per cent of all personnel entering navy flight training have had a refractive procedure and figures show that growing numbers of UK police officers are also benefiting.

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