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My Road to 20/20 Vision – Sinéad McGuinness


We look at one of our competition winners from November 2014 as she shares her experiences getting Laser Eye Surgery at our clinic in Dublin…

“It all started on the 17th of December with an email informing me I had won free laser eye surgery. It was followed up by a lovely friendly phone call telling me once I was a suitable candidate I was getting free yes free laser eye surgery. I was thrilled.
For someone who has worn glasses and contact lenses since I was 15 years old (almost thirty years), I was excited.
The day I went to the Wellington road clinic for my assessment, I could not have been made feel more special. The technician and optician were so lovely and were so excited for me. They put me at ease and explained everything that would happen on my surgery day. Oh yes, the important part, they told me I was an ideal candidate for the top grade surgery. I was delighted. Then I sat down and agreed what day I would come in for my surgery.
The big day came. Nervous, yes, excited absolutely.
I arrived and my welcome was, this is your day. What a fabulous welcome.
I went through all the tests again, just to be sure, and met with the surgeon. I was put at ease and explained the surgery again and asked if I had any questions. I was given the best of attention for the whole day.
Time for surgery… Heart hammering I went into ‘the room’.
I put on the fashionable hair net and the nurses were so nice and friendly, including me in their conversation and making me feel relaxed. The two machines were explained to me, what each would do, how it would feel and what sensations I would experience.
The first machine, came down, my vision went black (it was explained this would happen) the fifteen second, yes only fifteen seconds, countdown was done and I was half way through the surgery for one eye, the biggest discomfort, if you could call it that, was a bit of pressure on my eye. (Sensation of a finger pressing on your eye, no pain at all) then the second machine, I focus (not very well – no glasses) on a red dot then this machine, makes a bit of noise, and the seventeen second count down happens. So 32 seconds and my first eye is done.
Then the same procedure is carried out on my other eye.
At this stage, inside I was giggling. I couldn’t believe I was so nervous before the procedure. When I said this to the surgeon, instead of saying being nervous wasn’t necessary, he kindly said, being nervous of the unknown was normal.
The good news is, I could see…
I went into the waiting room, I was collected, went home, slept for a couple of hours, woke up in time to put in my first set of drops. I was amazed I could see, no glasses, no lenses, I could see. For the first time in 30 years I could see unaided, I could see better than I did with my glasses. My eyes were gritty and uncomfortable but no pain and very light sensitive. I had to wear goggles to bed for a week, not sexy but my nephew thought they were fun.
I went back the next day for my post op check-up. I was told I could drive, my eye sight was great, I felt really great.
I used the drops four times a day for a week as instructed, they were fine. I was back in work 48 hours after the surgery.
Now over a month and a half later, my vision is amazing, I’m getting used to not pushing my glasses up my nose. I can put my makeup on without holding a mirror up to my face. I can read the time on my UPC box in my bedroom without putting glasses on. I can be reading my book in the train station and look up (without putting my glasses back on) and see when my train is due. It’s amazing, I am so delighted to have been given this amazing gift, it wasn’t just a prize it was a gift.
I must say the staff were fantastic, I was getting free surgery and was made to feel like a queen.
I am so grateful to Optical Express for this wonderful opportunity and gift.
The aftercare and staff are second to none.

Thank you again for everything.

Sinéad McGuinness”


Sinead McGuinessSinead McGuiness2









Before Photo, Protective goggles and below: after photo.

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