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Treating Cataracts

December 2,2010

There are a number of eye conditions that tend to appear or become more prominent as we age, it's just part of the process of growing older, cataracts are one such condition.

A Guide to the Human Eye

November 30,2010

Did you know that he human eye is not actually a sphere? In fact, it is a two-piece fused unit. The smaller, more curved part is the cornea, which is attached to the larger sclera. The below is taken from our eye expert article series and provides a guide to how the eye works.

The Importance of Regular Eye Tests

November 29,2010

Having regular eye tests is about more than just checking up on your eye sight - they can also help identify other health problems.

Why eyes water

November 26,2010

Did you know that the liquid in your eyes, either as a result of your eye watering or crying, is created in exactly the same way?

Keeping your eyes healthy: 5 basic tips

November 25,2010

Our patients often ask us how they should go about keeping their eyes healthy. We have produced a series of online articles in our eye expert section which go into detail on this, but below are some top tips on basic things you can do to keep your eyes in good health.

Colour Blindness - A Brief Explanation

November 24,2010

This article is designed to give a brief introduction into the causes of colour blindness. For further information, read out colour blindness eye expert article in full.

Protecting Your Eyes From The Winter Sun

November 23,2010

If you're one of the many people currently planning a winter get away to the ski slopes or a more exotic, sunnier destination to escape the UK winter, then you'll also need to consider how best to protect your eyes whilst away in the sun.

The Benefits of IntraLase Explained

November 22,2010

IntraLase can be part of the LASIK eye surgery procedure and provides an alternative method of creating the protective flap at the start of LASIK treatment. This process creates the flap using a precision laser rather than a mechanical method.

Contact Lens Fitting - What to Expect

November 19,2010

If you’re interested in wearing contact lenses as an alternative to glasses or prior to having laser eye surgery, you will need to attend a contact lens fitting.

The History of Laser Eye Surgery

November 18,2010

On this day in 1965, BBC show Tomorrow’s World looked into laser eye surgery. Some 45 years later, the technology is vastly different and the impact laser eye surgery has had on the lives of individuals around the world has been extraordinary with over 22 million procedures carried out worldwide.

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