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LASIK vs LASEK Explained

November 16,2010

For many people considering laser eye surgery, there can be confusion when researching which treatment is right for them. This article is designed to set out the key differences between the two main techniques for laser vision correction, LASIK and LASEK.

Presbyopia Explained

November 15,2010

The inability to focus on objects that are nearby is known as Presbyopia. It is a condition caused by the ageing process and is common in people reaching their 40s and 50s.

Short Sightedness Explained

November 12,2010

The correct medical term for short sightedness is Myopia. If youíre only able to see things clearly at a distance with the help of vision aids, then you are short sighted. People with myopia are able to see objects close to them clearly; problems only occur when objects are far away.

What is Astigmatism?

November 11,2010

Astigmatism is an eye condition that can affect the clarity of your vision and make it more difficult for you to focus on objects, most common in eyes where the cornea is oval instead of spherical.

What is long sightedness?

November 10,2010

There is a chance you could be long sighted if you find it difficult to focus on things that are close by, but find it easy to see things that are far away, there's a chance you could be long sighted.

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation - What to Expect

November 9,2010

Before having laser eye surgery you will need to attend a free consultation to assess your suitability and to talk through the procedure in depth with your optometrist.

Eye Freckles and Spots and Associated Risks

November 8,2010

Naevus is the technical term for a freckle, spot or mole in or on the eye. Usually flat, round and grey, these are often detected during routine eye tests and are usually not harmful.

Laser Eye Surgery Suitability

November 5,2010

Laser eye surgery improves your vision and can provide you with complete freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

The World's Most Beautiful Eyes

November 4,2010

In a recent article, we categorised the top ten most beautiful eyes in the world. Itís just for fun, but why not take a look at our rationale and see if you agree.

Eye Surgery for Animals

November 3,2010

Despite the apparent amusing nature of pets undergoing eye surgery, itís actually more common than some people may imagine. Cats and Dogs are regularly treated for common eye problems.

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