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Understanding Your Eyesight


Conjunctivitis is a visual disorder associated with inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva, a thin membrane covering the inner surface of the eyelids and a small part of the eyeball, is highly exposed to many germs and other infection causing agents. As a response to the presence of these agents, there is secretion of tears which play a significant role in elimination and dilution of the infectious agents. In a case where tears are unable to eliminate the agents, there is an occurrence of an inflammation. One of the most well known causative agents of conjunctivitis is viruses. Although other agents like bacteria, allergens, fungus and chemical exposure are known to cause conjunctiva, viral conjunctiva is highly contagious. Most conjunctiva cases do not have a visual effect on patients; however, in some cases, some types of conjunctivitis can have an adverse effect on the eyes of a patient.

Signs and symptoms associated with conjunctivitis include

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