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Understanding Your Eyesight


It is an ophthalmological term that refers to a disease associated with small spots seen by patients in their field of vision. A patient is able see the small spots when he or she looks at a plain background. The small spots or floaters are small pieces of gelatin that are formed in the transparent, gelatinous fluid that fills the anterior chamber also known as the vitreous. The retina actually perceives the small balls as small shadows, and although they appear in front of the eye, in the real sense they are floating in the liquid media contained in the eye.

Many people suffering from floaters have concerns about the presence of the spots in their eyes which take different shapes. The disease is also associated with aging. The condition is common in people who have undergone cataract surgery. Normally the vitreous gelatin shrinks and separates out from the retina leading to the formation of floaters. This is followed by tearing of the retina which results in minor bleeding and if not attended to on time; the condition can result in the detachment of the retina in the eye. The process occurs over time.

For proper diagnosis and treatment of floaters, individuals with the disorder are advised to visit an ophthalmologist. In case of any appearance of new floaters, confirm with your ophthalmologist for the most effective treatment.

How to deal with floaters

Floaters can be annoying, especially when reading or when it basically appears in your line of vision. Normally when a floater appears in your line of vision, moving your eyes makes the liquid in the eyes swirl. This moves the floater in your line of vision sideways. In many cases, a large number of people move their eyes from side to side but also moving your eyes up and down can be the most effective way to get rid of the floater in your line of vision.


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