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Keratitis is an ophthalmological term coined to refer to a wide range of visual disorders affecting the cornea. The disease results in the inflammation of the cornea – the clear outer layer of the eye. Patients suffering from Keratitis experience reddening of the eye, pain, sensitivity to light and tearing as the most common symptoms.

Common causes of the Keratitis disease


Detection of the cause of the conjunctiva during diagnosis is fundamental to selecting the most effective treatment to be used on a patient. It is important that the condition is treated immediately after infection to avoid visual impairment of the patient. Depending on the cause of the conjunctiva, the ophthalmologist will suggest the most effective treatment. If the infection has been caused by bacteria, virus or fungus, treatment includes the use of antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal respectively. In case of dry eye, artificial tears are used to moisten the conjunctiva. Most importantly, pain must be controlled and symptoms treated.

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