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Strabismus refers to a visual disorder associated with improper alignment of the eyes. The eyes also point in different directions and individuals might experience the disorder at any stage of their lifetime, including birth. As seen in all patients suffering from this condition, improper alignment of the eyes may be constantly present or may come and go. In some patients, only one eye is affected. The disorder is normally characterized by a turning inwards of the eye, a condition known as esotropia; turning outwards, exotropia; and downwards while the other eye points directly straight ahead. Strabismus basically expresses itself for different reasons and the fact that it is a major visual problem affecting many people around the world, medical specialists’ advice is that individuals affected should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Strabismus Diagnosis

For proper diagnosis of Strabismus, more specific examinations must be done since it is not easy to detect one has the visual disorder. Once the Strabismus has been diagnosed, an ophthalmologist will choose the most effective treatment. In cases where the lazy eye disorder, also known as Amblyopia, is detected, the disease is evaluated as a premise and preceded with the most effective treatment. One of the methods used to correct Strabismus in most patients is the use of glasses, but in cases where glasses are not effective, surgery or use of the botulinum toxin is highly recommended.

Strabismus Treatment

Surgery is the most effective treatment on Strabismus that cannot be corrected by using glasses. A cool beam laser is used when performing the surgery and is highly effective in correcting improper alignment of the eyeballs. In cases where surgery cannot be performed, botulinum toxin is used. However, it`s only after a surgeon`s instruction that the medicine can be used. The botulinum toxin medicine is injected close to the eyeballs for maximum effect.

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